Graziano Pelle is(n’t) the worst thing ever


Last Saturday, at the Southampton vs. West Brom game, fans saw a number of bad decisions by their new striker, Graziano Pelle. Twitter and the ground was ablaze (not literally of course) with criticism.

He can’t shoot!

He can’t pass!

He’s too slow!

All of these points are fair, if you consider them within the context of one game. He didn’t have a great one. But what have you done? You’ve decided to agressively Tweet from the stands during the game. You’ve made the decision to take the negative path because it’s easier than getting behind him. You fall in with the mob.

Meanwhile, Pelle is making decisions. He is trying to score goals. He is trying to directly effect the game you are watching. He is far from passive. Yes, the decisions might not always be right, but he is making the decisions, and following through with actions.

Why not support somebody who takes action, rather than abusing them via Twitter, and with groans of derision.

The jury is out on whether Pelle will be a success. But he should certainly be given more time than he’s been given by some sections of our support. After all, there were at least 10 other players out there who weren’t firing on all cylinders yesterday. In a game where Fraser Forster was our Man of the Match, we can be sure that’s true.

In addition to this, we are still very much in the bedding-in process with Ronald Koeman and his style of football. Early indications are that it’s attacking, but slight more pragmatic last season, and a bit less cavalier in our attitude to defending duties. Let’s bear in mind that the game against WBA was one we could easily have lost last season. We look more solid defensively, Maya Yoshida has had a decent couple of games, and maybe we all need to get used to the fact that we won’t be attacking with quite so much attacking abandon this season. A bit more discipline is no bad thing in my book, and we are in no immediate danger of adopting a style of play like like West Ham’s.

So bear that in mind when you Tweet #WeMarchOn – we do it as a collective. And if Pelle turns out to be a donkey, so be it. But firstly, I’m sure he knows where the goal is, and secondly, he’s our donkey. So get behind him… Does anybody remember Guly?


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